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BGJ tackles Gellner

Current Projects

  • Accelerationism & new media

  • An alternative model for understanding the spread of neo-Nazism among Western youth

  • Buddism & 21st century esoteric neo-Nazism


Publications: Publications

Culture and Politics in Irish History since the Famine

Under Review at Liverpool University Press

Editor and contributor

The Revolution Will Be Stolen: Western Appropriations of Global South in the Long ’68 Era

Proposal in progress

Sole authorship

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Publications: Publications

“Noble Truths”: Buddhist Themes Within the Twenty-first Century Neo-Nazi and Neo-Fascist Underground

in progress

Our Past, Their Present: The Art and Aim of Living “In” a Previous Era

in progress

Building the Anthill: Lady Llanover, Invented Traditions, and the Hidden Politics of Welsh Cultural Nationalism

Welsh History Review, forthcoming

Siege: “Sheer political terror”

Extremism, forthcoming

Siege Culture after Siege: Anatomy of a neo-Nazi terrorist doctrine,’ The International Centre for Counter Terrorism (July)

Sexual Dysfunction in the “Eden of Love”: Psychosocial Responses to Impotence in British First World War Veterans

Guns, Gin, and Goyim: Jewish American Gangsters in the Age of the American Outlaw

Neshama: The Vassar College Journal of Jewish Studies (2015)

Book Chapters

Publications: Publications

A Digital Revolution: Accelerationist Neo-Nazism and Its Proliferation Online Political Ideology, Rhetoric and Aesthetics in the Twenty-First Century: The Case of the ‘Alt-Right’ (forthcoming)

Political Ideology, Rhetoric and Aesthetics in the Twenty-First Century: The Case of the ‘Alt-Right’ (forthcoming)

The radical right is weaponising COVID-19 online

The Radical Right During Crisis (Ibidem-Verlag), 114-117 (2021)

Far-Right Terrorism Is Now Britain’s Fastest Growing Problem

Mainstreaming the Global Radical Right (Ibidem-Verlag), 237-241 (2020)

This Flag is Your Flag, This Flag is My Flag: The Alt-Right’s Appropriation of the American Flag

Tracking the Rise of the Radical Right Globally (Ibidem-Verlag), 217-224 (2019)

As referenced in ‘The Changing Meaning of the American Flag Under Trump,’ The New Yorker (14 October 2020)

Newspapers and Online Journals

Publications: Publications

Puppies & Kitties & Nazis, Oh My!: Animals in National Socialist Propaganda, Past and Present

Fair Observer (forthcoming)

Local Matters: A case study of far-right engagement with the environment

The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right *co-authored with Louis Dean, (forthcoming 2021)

When Anti-Vax and 06 January Rallies Collide: Are Anti-Vax Protests the Canaries in the Coalmines of Coups to Come?

The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (forthcoming 2021)

The Godfather of Fascist Terrorism

Fair Observer (17 August 2021) *co-authored with Matthew Feldman

Terrorism Outlawed: Why the UK’s Ban of Neo-Nazi Group The Base Is Important

The Race War May No Longer Be Digitised: James Mason’s Designation as a Terrorist Entity in Canada

GNET (July 2021) *co-authored with Matthew Feldman

The Radical Right is learning from the GameStop squeeze

Constructing a Neo-Nazi Group in the Age of New Media: A Small Case Study

Public Jurist, 23-32 (2020)

Boys to men: the violent teenagers of the radical right

Are We Ready to Drop the Term “Islamist in Reference to Terrorism?,

Republican Masculinity and the “Troubles”

The radical right is weaponising COVID-19 online

Far-Right Terrorism Is Now Britain’s Fastest-Growing Problem

The radical right’s search for new recruits among anti-corporate activists

Cancel Morrissey?: A Contemporary Debate About Music and Free Speech

What Makes a Christchurch-Style Attack Feel So Likely in Britain?

Tracking German Neo-Nazism Through Music

This Flag is Your Flag, This Flag is My Flag: The Alt-Right’s Appropriation of the American Flag

Live Media & Expert Commentary

Publications: Publications

Faces of Terrorism

BBC Documentary (forthcoming)

Teen terror grooming warnings from MI5

Bethan Johnson on youth, the stock market and rock & roll

An International Neo-Nazi Group Thought To Have Been Dissolved Is Recruiting Again in The US,’

Neo-Nazi groups banned in Canada and Europe set sights on Australia

The history of the American flag

Teenage Neo-Nazi Group Leader Becomes One of Britain’s Youngest Convicted Terrorists

Capitol Riots Reveal Larger Far-Right Movement

The European Extreme Right and Its Methods for Funding Terror

US election: how can we challenge right-wing extremism?

Far Right Teens: A growing problem?

U.S.: White Supremacy Spreading

Most neo-Nazi Music Festivals Are Closely Guarded Secrets—Not This One in Ukraine

Men Sentenced on Terrorism Charges

The Upcoming neo-Nazi Concert in Ukraine That No One Is Talking About

Research Presentations


Buddhist Themes Within Twenty-First Century White Supremacism

25th  Annual World Convention, Association for the Study of Nationalities


Masculinity and the Irish Republican Psyche of the Troubles

Fifth Annual Cambridge-Edinburgh Joint Conference

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.15.54 PM.png

Che in County Armagh, Mao in Monmouthshire: Irish and Welsh Nationalists' Cooptation of Non-Western Radical Thought, 1960-1980

New Postcolonial Concerns: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Workshop, University of Cambridge


40 years of Siege: the evolution and exportation of James Mason's "cookbook and guide" to extremism

Vortex - Variations of Radicalization, Terrorism and Extremism
University of Gothenburg

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.58.48 PM.png

The Globalization of Nationalism: The IRA as Case Study

Fourth Annual Cambridge Edinburgh Joint Conference

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 3.02.08 PM.png

Diagnosing the Hidden Disability: Recovering the Subjective Experiences of Impotent Great War Veterans Through the Archives

The First World War: Past, Present, Future

Edinburgh Napier University


Bombs & Borders: Celtic Fringe Nationalism's Embrace of Extreme Sectarian Violence and Mass Civil Unrest, 1960-1980

The Centre for Modern British Studies

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 9.44.38 PM.png

Women's Work in Western Liberation Movements, 1960-1975

Thanks for Typing: Wives, Daughters, Mothers, and Other Women Behind Famous Men Conference, University of Oxford

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 7.16.33 PM.png

Che in Spain, Fanon in France: The European Cooptation of Non-Western National Liberationsim, 1960-1980

24th  Annual World Convention, Association for the Study of Nationalities


Women and Patriarchy in the Militant Separatist Groups of Western Europe and North America During the Long '68

University of Cambridge


Forms of Extreme Protest in the Post-War West

Festival of Ideas, University of Cambridge

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 8.44.59 AM.png

Cultures of Nationalist Militancy

Cultural History Workshop, University of Cambridge


Human Rights, Self-Determination, and the Rhetoric of Violent Separatists in Western Society, 1960-1970

The 29th Annual Conference of the Association of Ethnicities and Nationalism

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.24.53 PM.png

Reassessing National Separatism in Late Franco Era Spain

Spain: Social Movements between Past and Present Conference

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